Product Overview

Amco Products carries an extensive inventory of standard fastener drive tools manufactured using proprietary machining and heat-treating processes with the highest quality  assurance techniques.  Our product quality is among the highest in the fastener drive tool industry.

At Amco, we pride ourselves as being the first TORX PLUS® licensee and the only TORX PARALOBE® Drivetool licensee in the Americas.  Our licensing with Acument Global Technologies allows us to offer a broad spectrum of TORX-PLUS® products which includes; TORX®, TORX ALIGN®, TORX PARALOBE®, TORX-PLUS®, TORX-PLUS® Stick Fit, TORX-PLUS® Tamper Resistant, and TORX TTAP®.

Amco is also licensed by Phillips Screw Company to manufacture Phillips MORTORQ® Spiral, Phillips MORTORQ® Super Spiral, Phillips TORQ-SET®, Phillips TORQ-SET® ACR®, and Phillips TRI-WING®. Our inventory also includes Frearson, Hex (Allen), Phillips, Square (Roberson), and Slotted tipped tools in many drive sizes, shapes and lengths.       

It has always been and continues to be our goal to manufacture high quality specialty screw machine products for our clients. Our engineering and sales team, in conjunction with our distributor network, can assist you in solving your fastener drive problems quickly, easily and economically.