Our company specializes in design and manufacturing custom fastener drive tools to fit your exact application. We can customize a drive tool with a special drive end, custom length, body diameter, modified point, and/or socket recess. Amco also specializes in manufacturing and developing your fastener drive system. Do you have a new drive system that you’re designing, let our extensive drive tool experience help your drive system’s success. 

Some Benefits of a custom drive tool:

  • A custom length fastener drive tool fit to your specific application can help eliminate the need for adaptors or extensions. Eliminating extra connections will improve drive tool rigidity, concentricity, while decreasing change over time and improving drive tool life.
  • Custom drive tool body diameter will help the operator squeeze into those tight assembly spaces and help eliminate those “off angle” drive situations.
  • The Fastener drive tool with a modified point/socket recess is often a simple and effective solution drive tool to screw recess engagement issues. Whether it’s an over or undersized screw recess, over plated or painted screws, or anything in between. When the drive tool to recess engagement isn’t proper it can lead to premature bit failure, the excess cost of down time, rework and scrap. We can customize a fastener drive tool to properly drive those out of tolerance screws, whether you have 500 or a few million.

(Amco always recommends purchasing your fasteners from a Licensed Fastener Manufacturer)

Another service that Amco offers is make to order screw machine products, turning parts from 500-piece quantities and up. We have experience turning round, hex, and square bar stock in alloy steel, aluminum, tool steels, and many stainless-steel varieties. Our well maintained single and multi-spindle screw machine are capable of 1/8” diameter thru 2” diameter x 12’ long bar stock (there are size limitations on hex and square stock sizes).

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