High Quality Fastener Drive Tools

We design and manufacture screw machine products and fastener drive tools using the highest quality raw materials.  Our complement of broadly accepted and well maintained machinery allows our team to produce superior products that our customers trust and expect.

AMCO Products

Division of First Tool Corp

Our products are manufactured to strict specifications, most of which are called for in licensing agreements from world renowned fastener system developers. We also have a broad range of standard products in inventory that allows us to maintain a consistent record of customer service fill rates.

Amco Products proudly offers the following licensed fastener drive tool products for all industrial applications.

  • TORX®
  • TORX Align®
  • TORX®Tamper Resistant
  • Torx Paralobe®
  • TORX Plus®
  • TORX Plus® Tamper Resistant
  • Phillips ACR®
  • Phillips Mortorq® Spiral Drive
  • Phillips Mortorq® Super Spiral Drive
  • Phillips Tri-Wing®
  • Phillips TORQ Set ®
  • Phillips Torq Set® ACR®

We also maintain lines of common fastener drive tools such as:

  • Bit Holders
  • Hex
  • Frearson
  • Yankee Drive
  • Phillips
  • Slotted Drive
  • Drag Link
  • Square Drive (Roberson)
  • Line Head
  • Universal Wrenches

We offer engineering solutions for fastener driving systems

From the beginning, Amco Products has assembled a team of engineering and manufacturing professionals with extensive fastener drive tool experience. This uniquely qualifies the company to provide technical assistance to end-users and fastener system engineers. We have worked with the leading fastener and drive tool system companies to help develop a number of the drive systems commonly used today.

Amco’s involvement typically begins with a confidentiality agreement, protecting the interests of both the system developer and Amco Products.

Our Quality Statement

Amco Products is committed to incorporating the highest quality and value into our products and services. We are pledged to providing on-time delivery and 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Amco is committed to maintaining professional relationships with governing and licensing entities in order to stay current with regulatory and statutory laws as well as applicable industrial standards.

Amco achieves these commitments by maintaining a work facility, equipment and an environment where our employees are able to achieve these goals to meet our customer’s expectations.

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